Osteopathy for Animals

Performance     •     Maintenance     •     Rehabilitation

Horses and dogs respond particularly well to osteopathy, and usually thoroughly enjoy treatment.  

In particular, work demands, injury or rider asymmetry can lead to a range of musculoskeletal problems in horses. This may show as areas of tension, limited range of movement or even uneven muscle development, potentially causing discomfort and limiting your horse's athletic ability.  

During treatment the horse is assessed and where appropriate treated from nose to tail. After all, his back is just one small piece of the jigsaw keeping your horse sound and happy! This holistic approach is important as apparent symptoms may be compensatory for problems elsewhere. Typical osteopathic techniques include specific joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue massage, fascial release and targeted stretches.

Osteopathy can help horses who:

  • would benefit from improved power, flexibility and range of movement in competition
  • work one-sided or feel generally stiff or uneven
  • lack impulsion, have difficulty in canter strike-off or in tracking up
  • show tactile defensiveness or a change in disposition
  • are recovering from injury or are on box rest - treatment can improve circulation and aid the healing process

Treatment is suitable for all types from happy hackers to equine athletes and from companion dogs to agility superstars. Please call to discuss how osteopathy could help.

Catriona and Tarino

When not practicing osteopathy, Catriona enjoys spending time with her horse Tarino, an aspiring dressage champ!

Did You Know?

All Osteopaths in the UK are regulated by the The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). This ensures that osteopaths are properly qualified, meet mandatory continuing professional development requirements and have current indemnity insurance.

This regulation is in place to protect to the public, so do check the qualifications of any therapist before they treat you or your animal.

Working with your Vet

Please note that veterinary permission must be given prior to ANY complementary therapy commencing. Please have your vet's details ready at time of booking so that we can work with your vet to ensure best care for your four-legged friend.